Feasibility Studies

  1. Initial testing and the preliminary feasibility of the project
  2. Detailed feasibility study for the project

These include:

1. Description of the proposed project and market analysis

  • How to use by the target group
  • Compatibility with the social image required
  • Captivity
  • Promotional possibilities
  • The possibility of overcoming the seasonal demand
  • The uniqueness of the product

2. Finance, human and material resources required

  • The number of working hours required
  • The daily operations of this project                                     
  • The number of employment required
  • Access to the equipment required

3. Financial and economic feasibility of the project

  • The proportionality of the project with expected income
  • Probabilistic profitability
  • Expected growth of projects
  • The proportionality of the project with the aim of the investment
  • 5.0 Degree of risk
  • The stability of the demand for the product or service
  • The possibility of developing and promoting the product

4. The operational plan for the start of the project

  • The project site
  • The legal form of draft
  • Licenses and permits
  • The tax system
  • Insurance

The company is providing real estate consulting service for its customers who wish to develop their real estate and to purchase real estate.
The company studies for various real estate sites to submit proposals for sites through the company's expertise in the area of the property in accordance with modern methods

  • Managing properties
  • The development of real estate
  • Identify financial values of properties
  • Consulting particular lease


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