Administrative advisory services

Consults and Studies Management

Drafting the studies and consults economically, technical, financial for all types of the different projects for different companies

Company Management

Founding companies. Restructuring capital by adjusting company structure, increasing capital, integration entities or dissolution of the company

1- Founding accompany procedures of companies' foundation as follows                                               

  • Establish individual foundations                                       
  • Establish (partnership- joint companies)
  • Establish association of capital (joint stock- limited companies)
  • Establish stock market dealing companies

2- Amendments upon the companies

  • Amend the legal entity of the company as from partnership to joint company, or from limited company to joint stock
  • Amend the principal system of the company( amend the purpose of the company- amend the name of the company- transfer
    the location of the company- dissolute the company as legal dissolved- merging)
  • Do procedures for capital increase whether licensed or issue with all kinds of increment

3- Related Authorities

  • Public Authority of Investment (foundation and amendment of the companies- the investor entrance visa- finding out a partnership
  • Working license - finding out a residence partnership for one year or five- bringing foreigner workers ( entrance visa) for work in the country- granting a residence for one year to one following
  • Public Authority of Stock Exchange
  • Public Authority of Monitoring on Exporting and Importing
  • General Taxes on sales
  • Taxes of Joint Companies
  • General Taxes
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Commercial Register
  • Real Estate
  • Customs Authority
  • Courts
  • Public Authority of Social Insurance



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