Accounting and auditing advisory services

Accounting Fields

Customer may use our accounting specialists team to prepare the daily and public restrains and register them at the ledgers and prepare the annual and monthly auditing sheet & important analysis to prepare  balance sheet with the taxes situation

Auditing fields , preparing and signing the financial lists The office presents its serves in these fields as follows

  • Preparing and carrying out the cycle auditing program
  • Carrying out a specific and limited auditing programs for some items which the client want to edit it by completely
    diagnostic reports that agreement with the different standards for the Egyptian or international auditing
  • Check the annual and monthly auditing sheets and investigate its items to prepare the financial lists and the final accounts if it was annual or cycle and signed it

Taxes Management

The office has group of specialist and consultants in field of taxes such as: earning tax, labor tax, allowance and addition tax, real estate tax, stamp tax, transfer values tax, sales tax and free occupation tax
the office presents the following services in tax fields                                        

  • Auditing the entries, accounts and directing it from the tax side before crediting it at the ledger
  • Prepare the taxes diagnostic
  • Reply on the tax models that come to the clients at the legist time
  • Attend at the discussion , entire committee , the taxes attack committee and attend the different taxes
    cases at the courts with the suitable method to the companies
  • Prepare and extent the attack briefs



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