About Us

The company provides services to combine theory and practice in the areas of finance, business and commerce at various levels. The company provides ideas and innovative profitable solutions. Customer and reconciliation are the focus of attention of every member of the company specialized in services and integrated solutions.

In order to provide advisory services and operations within the Arab Republic of Egypt with precision and clarity to meet the needs and desires of residents outside of various nationalities in all areas, office relies on the implementation of the tasks assigned to the advisory group on integrated work includes a selection of consultants and experts in various professional disciplines, commercial, legal, economic and financial.

The executive functions in the office depend on the implementation of a selected group of delegates and specialists trained in their respective areas of specialization. This is in addition to the close relations enjoyed by officers in various vital sectors and the support through agreements concluded with several banks, the media , educational institutions, clinics, hospitals and offices therapeutic real estate development companies.


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